3DS Firmware 11.16.0-49U: Nintendo’s old portable console gets an update

Nintendo has released a Firmware update for its old console, the 3DS, as well as its variations (2DS, New 3DS, etc.). According to the official changelog, version 11.16.0-49U brings “Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to improve user experience.”, Nintendo’s official slang for “it could be anything but most users won’t”. worry about it”.

Don’t expect anything massive here, the console was largely discontinued a while ago and hasn’t seen a significant update in over 7 years. In particular, this doesn’t appear to be a security update that would fix anything major.

3DS Firmware 11.16.0-49U – a single chain update

This time, it looks like the update only changes a minor typo that shows on the console, specifically: the phone number to call for COPPA requests for US English and Japan has been changed. changed from “1-800-255-370” to “1-800-255-3700”. This appears to be the only change in the entire update, according to user research SNBeast.

Consoles that are past their prime time rarely get a meaningful update except to remove some services for security reasons (like we saw this year for PS3 and PS Vita), update SSL certificates (so that the console’s browser and internet services continue to function), or fix issues that might be legal liabilities (likely the case here).

Additional details on this update are available at Yellows8’s page and 3Dbrew.org.

Hack your 3DS

For those of you who join this scene late in the game: even the latest 3DS firmwares are pretty easily hackable. This guide has everything to get you started.

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