12 million Xbox Series X / S consoles have been sold, game analyst says

The current generation of consoles has been a big win for Xbox, with the X and S series becoming bestsellers. According to one analyst, this bestseller status means that the twin consoles have sold over 12 million units.

The figure comes from Daniel Ahmad of Niko Partners, known on Twitter as @ZhugeEX. Ahmad tweeted that Niko’s estimates place the Xbox Series X / S at over 12 million shipped copies. The tweet cites the “dual strategy” of offering both versions of the console, which has allowed an “increase in production” of the S despite supply chain shortages. This step probably wouldn’t have happened if the X was the only console on offer.

Ahmad’s tweet refers to a Eurogamer article about the Xbox Series X / S being Microsoft’s best-selling generation of consoles. This story itself quotes a Interview with the New York Times with Phil Spencer, in which the Xbox boss says Microsoft has “sold more of this generation of Xbox, which is the Xbox Series X and S, than any previous version.” Whether or not that represents the 12 million estimated sales, it’s still a win for Microsoft.

Lots of console sales also lead to big numbers of software, as evidenced by Forza Horizon 5 surpassing 15 million players since its launch. The racing game released for PC, Xbox Series X / S, and Xbox One on November 4, and while that 15 million player count is a combined number, the top-selling X and S surely played a part in it. ‘to reach.

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