100 Thieves’ Project X will be a PC/console shooter based on Unreal Engine

Project Xthe game project in the very early stages of development of 100 Thieves, will be a shooter developed in Unreal Engine 5 priority for PC and “most likely” also available on consoles, as confirmed by the founder of 100T Nadeshot and the chief of the Pete Hawley project.

After hinting at the genre during the announcement saying he wanted a say in “head audio”, Nadeshot confirmed at the very end of the video that Project X is a good shooter.

The shooter genre’s reveal comes as no huge surprise given references to Halo 2 in the original project announcement and the story of Nadeshot competing in shooter titles, including Call of Duty. But hiring a game development veteran like Hawley left a lot of room for potential genres given the variety of titles he’s worked on, including Fable, Little Big Planetand Killzone.

Hawley explained that Unreal Engine has become “best in class” for everything necessary for game development, especially networking. During a Q&A session, the trio of Nadeshot, Hawley and 100T President/COO John Robinson confirmed various other details of the game. Project X will apparently be separated from the traditional 100T brand and it will be around two to three years before anything really meaningful is shown to the public. They also confirmed that the game would not actually be called Project X.

Currently, the game has no open job vacancies, but those interested in working on Project X can email their resumes or reels to 100T at [email protected] There is no active release date for Project X.

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