10 Reasons Xbox Series S Still Holds Up

With rumors surrounding a PS5 Pro and new Xbox Series S and X In what’s being called Gen 9.5, game aficionados are eagerly waiting to see what the two companies have in store. At the end of 2020, the world officially entered the ninth generation of games when SONY released the PlayStation 5 and Microsoft launched the Xbox Series X and S. While PlayStation dominated Xbox in the seventh and eighth generations, the Xbox has held up pretty well in this new generation, thanks in large part to their new Series S console.

The Xbox S is the slightly less powerful, smaller, all-digital equivalent of Microsoft’s new Xbox X. However, it is also become a huge success and sells incredibly well. The Xbox S has become the unexpected hero of the ninth generation of games and here’s why.


It is cheap

The Xbox Series S and the controller

Typically, the Xbox S can be found for $299.99, and can sometimes even be found on sale for as low as $250. This makes the Xbox S the cheapest next-gen console available and puts it on par with the Nintendo Switch.

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Despite being the same price, however, the Xbox S is massively more powerful, boasting next-gen features like ray-tracing, quick-resume and a 120Hz refresh rate.

It’s in stock

The Xbox X and the PS5

After a full year of supply issues, chip shortages, etc., the gaming climate is finally starting to improve, with consoles more readily available in stock. However, the PS5 is still extremely hard to find and requires searching websites several times a day to hopefully be online the second a new shipment arrives.

Even the Xbox X is still selling steadily in stores across the United States. This means the Xbox S is the easiest and fastest way for gamers to enter the ninth generation, as it’s easier to find than other consoles.

It’s Perfect For Travelers

A gamer added a screen to the Xbox S

One of the main advantages of the Xbox S is its size and weight. While the Xbox X weighs 9.8 pounds, the S weighs only 4.25 pounds. That means the S is literally half the weight of the X. Plus, the X is a chunky machine, being 15.1cm wide, while the S is only 6.5cm.

Its small size and lighter weight make it perfect for anyone who travels a lot or moves often. While certainly less travel-friendly than the Switch, it’s the most travel-friendly next-gen console around.

Games you can’t get on Nintendo

Borderlands 3 and Red Dead Redemption 2 cover art

Thanks to its cheaper price and small size, many often compare the Xbox S to the Nintendo Switch. However, the S offers a lot more than the Switch, with its library of games standing out the most. Naturally, the S gets all the Xbox exclusive games that no other console offers, like Halo and armament of war.

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On top of that, it can support plenty of third-party titles that the Switch just isn’t powerful enough to handle. Gamers will definitely notice that games like Borderlands 3, Call of Duty, and Red Dead Redemption were never made available on the Switch. The S is a great (and cheaper) way to play expansive and visually stunning games.

Game pass

The Xbox Game Pass logo sits in front of popular games like Psychonauts and Flight Simulator

The Xbox S has been called the “Game Pass Machine”, with many reviewers saying it’s the perfect way for gamers to use the Xbox Game Pass subscription.

The Xbox S is an all-digital console, which means gamers don’t need to purchase physical discs. They can either buy games digitally or subscribe to Xbox’s Game Pass, which offers more than 100 rotating titles, allowing gamers to pay a low monthly price (starting at $9.99 per month) to gain access. unlimited to a huge library of games. Of Infinite Halo at Back 4 BloodGame Pass on Xbox S is the perfect way for gamers to get access to tons of titles at one great price.

It’s a great secondary console.

The Nintendo Switch sits next to the Xbox Series S

Thanks to its cheaper price, many gamers have found the Xbox S to be a fantastic secondary console. Many gamers actually own more than one console, and the S’s impressive price and performance has helped keep strong sales figures.

Tons of gamers who are mostly Nintendo or PlayStation fans love having the option to play Halo and sea ​​of ​​thieves with their friends without breaking the bank.

Xbox backward compatibility

The Xbox One sits next to the original Xbox console from 2001

Xbox has done a great job of making sure older games and last-gen accessories stay alive and kicking. On the Xbox digital store, gamers can download not only new X/S optimized games, but also games from Xbox One, 360 and even games from the original Xbox console.

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On top of that, Microsoft has made all Xbox One accessories compatible with the X/S, so anyone who buys an S can still use their favorite controllers and microphones without any issues. This has helped gamers feel the S has added value, as they can continue playing the games they love with the accessories they already own.

It’s Aesthetically Pleasing

The Xbox S upright

The Xbox X has been called “The Mini Fridge” and the PS5 is a standout, eye-catching piece of hardware that can’t easily fit into a room’s decor, thanks to its space-age design. The Xbox S, however, has a subtle, classic, and elegant design that has made many gamers and reviewers fall in love with it.

A review by The edge even said “Unlike the larger Series X, I think the Xbox Series S looks great in both orientations…it looks like it was designed to fit in a normal person’s living room, rather than supporting it like the PS5 and Xbox Series X do.”

Most gamers don’t care what’s missing

Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X

Hardcore gamers tend to criticize the Xbox S, citing that the Xbox X and PS 5 have better frame rates and higher resolutions. But the reality is, for many gamers, those kinds of features don’t matter that much.

For anyone who doesn’t have a 4K TV, the S’s lack of native 4K means nothing, and for many casual gamers the term “native 4K” means nothing anyway, nor does teraflops or dynamic range. high. The thing is, for the everyday gamer, the Xbox X and PS5 have a lot of features that just don’t mean much.

This is the ideal machine for casual gamers

Minecraft cover is next to Xbox Series S

Although not as powerful as the Xbox X, the Xbox S is still very powerful, making it a true ninth generation console. In addition to its excellent performance, it is also cheaper than other consoles. This combo has led many casual gamers to choose the Xbox S because for the needs of normal gamers who are not in competitive play or use it for games like Stardew Valley and Minecraftthe differences between the X and the S are practically imperceptible.

Many have realized that while the S isn’t the most powerful, it’s powerful enough and comes at a high cost. The Xbox S has proven to be the console of choice for many gamers around the world.

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