10 Older Nintendo Games That Are Still Hugely Popular

Beginning life as a manufacturer of playing cards in 1899, Nintendo entered the digital game market shortly after releasing Japan’s first electronic toy. As Nintendo has proven time and time again, older stuff can still be massive hits, and their games are no exception.

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From humble beginnings, Nintendo has grown into one of the most popular brands in the world, creating many of the most successful video game franchises. franchises like mario, Pokemon, The Legend of Zeldaand others base their popularity not on their new releases, but on the willingness to replay and enjoy previous releases as well.

10/10 Nintendogs was short-lived but beloved

Despite having an incredibly short lifespan, only existing as a franchise for 5 years with 2 major titles, Nintendogs has claimed a place in people’s hearts. The game is a simple pet simulator where the player can play, teach and clean their puppies.

Nintendogs ended its reign as the 2nd best-selling DS game in history, claiming a passionate fan base to this day. While the games were rare, the Nintendogs franchise has found new life in other games, including WarioWare: smooth movements for the Wii and all Super Smash Bros. of Fight at Ultimatewhere the puppies appear as a stage hazard, licking the screen like they did in their own games.

9/10 Mario Kart 8 is still getting updates

Mario Kart 8 originally released for the Wii U nearly a decade ago in 2014. Claiming the spot as the best-selling Wii U title, Mario Kart 8 was re-released for the Nintendo Switch three years later in 2017.

Not content with being the best-selling game on a single system, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe also held the number one bestseller spot on the Switch. Its continuous updates, including the recently released massive DLC, have kept the game relevant and made it more popular than competitors like Garfield Kart.

8/10 Metroid is half the inspiration of Metroidvania

Originally released in 1986 as metroid, the franchise would gain several sequels released at long intervals. The success of the metroid the franchise made itself felt in the video games that followed, inspiring half of the Metroidvania hype alongside Castlevania.

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While 3D games were hit and miss with fans, the 2D games that launched the franchise made it thrive. After the story of Samus Aran, an intergalactic bounty hunter, the metroid the games allow the player to explore levels in a non-linear fashion, unlocking new areas with bonuses as the game progresses.

7/10 Mother 3 Didn’t Release Internationally But Attracted Devoted Fans

The Mother the franchise has released games internationally under the name Earthbound, the name of the second game in the franchise. However, only the first two games have received official translations, including their re-release for Nintendo Switch Online in 2022. Although they never received an international release, Mother 3 became an influential entry in the series.

Mother 3 only had fan translations thanks to its loyal clientele. The JRPG game centered on a psychically powered Lucas, who was part of Super Smash Bros. since Fightand his party of adventurers as they attempt to stop the destruction of their world.

The best-selling Nintendo title in the world, Sports Wii was the game released alongside the Wii when it launched. Sports Wii featured several mini-games based on different sports that used the Wii’s motion controls. The sports included in the first game were bowling, boxing, golf, tennis and baseball.

Two major selling factors added to the enjoyment of the game: the use of Miis and the game’s soundtrack. Miis were custom player characters that can be designed and used as PCs and NPCs in the game. Sports Wii the soundtrack would take on a life of its own, receiving popular remixes for its themes that were frequently trending on TikTok and YouTube.

5/10 Super Mario 64 shaped future video games

Released in 1996 as Mario’s first 3D game and first foray into an open world, Super Mario 64 followed Mario as he attempted to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser in his castle. The title became one of the most influential games of its generation, shaping the look and play of subsequent games.

Super Mario 64 remains popular to this day thanks to its innovative designs and fan base. Besides being a solid game overall, the speedrunning community stands behind the game and always comes up with submitted runs for its gameplay. Game circles also like to chat Super Mario 64thanks to the different theories, the new problems discovered and the scientific studies that have included the game.

4/10 Super Smash Bros Melee has tournaments running

While the current Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a well received game and has a plethora of fans, the fanbase still holds Super Smash Bros. Melee close. With ongoing tournaments around the world, the polished gameplay and character-specific playstyles have maintained the game’s legacy as a major title.

Boasting a roster of 26, Melee set the standard for multiplayer fighting games. While new suitors like Multiverse and Nintendo All-Star Brawl tried to come for best mascot battle game title, Super Smash Bros. consolidated its position at the top thanks to Melee.

3/10 The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time Inspired Several 3D Games After It

Another major video game that has been at the center of the speedrunning community, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was the fifth game and the first 3D entry of the Zelda franchise. The story followed Link as he traveled between two time periods to set things right in Hyrule and prevent Ganondorf from rising to power.

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Developed alongside Super Mario 64, Ocarina of time is still a hugely popular game credited with influencing every major 3D title after it, including Grand Theft Auto, the witcherand dark souls. Many even cite Ocarina of time as one of the best video games ever made.

2/10 All Pokémon games have replayability with fans

Despite each generation of Pokemon games having their detractors, each game has continued to be in high demand decades after its initial release. With major speedrun records and an extremely popular Nuzlocke community, the entire main line Pokemon released games are still played.

As each game follows a protagonist in a JRPG with turn-based battles, a new generation means new Pokémon, new gameplay mechanics, and a new or updated region to explore. With the hype for Pokemon: Scarlet and Purpleincreasing as the game releases, fans know they’ll still be playing a decade later.

1/10 Super Mario Bros. 3 is one of the most important games ever made

The only Nintendo video game deemed significant enough to be included in the Library of Congress as one of the 10 most important games of all time, many gamers actively play it Super Mario Bros. 3 nowadays. Following Mario and Luigi as they attempt to save the Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser and the Koopalings, the game introduced several major gameplay innovations that have stuck for its sequels.

With the introduction of Mario’s Played Tanuki Suit and Ground Pound, as well as the Hammer Suit and Frog Suit, Super Mario Bros. 3 also featured the first use of a world map. The game has remained a mainstay in the public gaming space thanks to speedrunners, digital re-releases, and its cultural impact.

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