10 Longest JRPG Games of All Time

2022 already looks like a great year for long JRPGs. Of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 at live alivethere are still more to do that will keep everyone entertained for many hours.

But according to the How Long To Beat website and the duration of all styles of play, these are not among the longest games to beat as many before them have taken that crown. Whether several monster hunterblockbuster mobile games or titles, there are plenty of JRPGs that will take any fan of the genre many hours to finally reach the end.


ten Monster Hunter Tri – 137H

The 3rd entry into the monster hunter series, Monster Hunter Tri made its way to the Wii and would be the start of many Nintendo system entries for the franchise. It not only offered an excellent single-player story, but also used the small home console’s online functionality to introduce a multiplayer mode.

RELATED: 10 Best Wii RPGs Of All Time, According To MetacriticCombining a lengthy campaign, online multiplayer, and additional quests available through DLC, this would be one of many games in the franchise that would give players the longevity to complete it. And games have only grown since then with a few entries while others tried to push the technology for consoles at the time.

9 Monster Hunter – 149H

The 1st game in what would become one of Capcom’s greatest video game franchises, the original monster hunter gave players the chance to take down gigantic and terrifying beasts in 2004 on the PS2. And while the game received middling and average reviews from critics, that didn’t stop it from spawning sequels that would feature some of the toughest fights in the series.

Even back on this console, the series’ essence of giving players a long and difficult campaign to overcome was present. And with the multiple ways to play the game, it surely tested anyone’s might and patience as they slew the titans in their path.

8 Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate – 150H

A bold move by Capcom, they ported and developed sequels to the monster hunter series on portable consoles like the PSP and 3DS. One of them was Monster Hunter 3 Ultimatewhich was ported from the Wii and was one of the games that used the Circle Pad Pro peripheral on the 3DS.

RELATED: 10 Best Nintendo 3DS RPGs, According To RankerBut gamers were also able to buy it on the Wii U, giving home console and handheld owners a chance to play together, resulting in hours of flying with friends. This interesting co-op experience lasted longer for fans as they could play in each other’s worlds and engage in certain activities together.

seven Genshin Impact – 155H

Although it’s only been around for 2 years, Genshin Impact quickly became one of the most popular free games. With a vast open world continuously updated with new lands to explore, cool anime-inspired characters to unlock, and a fun combat mechanic, it’s also considered one of the best JRPG games of recent years.

Above all, it quickly became one of the longest games to complete. It has seen many updates which have opened up the story and the game world and with the upcoming Sumeru 3.0 update coming out it will only grow from there with new weapon users potentially high rank to choose from.

6 Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate – 155H

Originally published as Monster Hunter Generations for the 3DS, the game was eventually ported and remastered on the Nintendo Switch before fans were finally swept away by Rise of the Monster Hunter on the same console. And those who owned the original game could transfer their save data to the new version, saving them a lot of time fighting the same monsters again.

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Whether you play as a hunter or as Felyne, the game has plenty of familiar monsters to take down. And while it might not be as talked about as its Switch successor, the game has at least entertained anyone at home or on the go for short or long battles.

5 Lost Dragalia – 180H

One of many mobile games that Nintendo released in an effort to explore market potential, they released Cygames’ Lost Dragalia and saw them try their luck with this JRPG title. And although it was active for 4 years, the last chapter was released last month to wrap up the story before the game was shut down. Whether the game will be saved and ported to the Switch like other major mobile ports remains to be seen.

But with this latest addition, the game became one of the longest-running mobile games of its kind as it built its world one update at a time. And with specialty crossover events with franchises like Mega-Man and Characterit easily filled ride time as fans climbed for themed rewards at the end.

4 Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite – 206H

Fans can now play this game on their IOS devices, but it was originally released on the PSP in 2008. An expanded version of Monster Hunter Freedom 2the game had more monsters, weapons and many other extra features which earned it positive reviews when it was released which made it one of the best monster hunter games by Metacritic.

And it also increased the duration to complete it, as it is the longest entry in the series with 206 hours until a player can beat the game. It may not be the most popular title in the series, yet it gave many hours of content to play and explore.

3 Fate/Grand Order – 237H

Located in the Fate/Stay Night series, this mobile game became available for IOS and Android users in 2015. The game had many deadly enemies to encounter and fight against which the player could fight with summoned fighters and allies known as the name of Servants with fictitious and real currency.

Fate/Grand Order still receives worldwide updates from its developer, and it is this continuous fan support that has made it one of the longest running mobile games. This summer alone, it will have a revamped combat system and new characters to earn that might be worth it for some to dive into.

2 Ragnarok Clicker – 530H

Perhaps one of the most peculiar mixes in video game history, clicker hero developer Playsaurus collaborated with Gravity, which developed Ragnarok online, to try to create a unique JRPG game. It may have been a re-skin of their original game, but it tried to make the experience different.

The idea of ​​clicking on the enemy to cause damage may seem simple, but with heroes to unlock and recruit, the game quickly became a long challenge as players tried to get everything and everyone. And surprisingly, it’s one of the longest games to beat that some might not have expected when it first appeared.

1 Mobius Final Fantasy – 628H

An ambitious entry into the Final Fantasy franchise, this particular game saw Square Enix try to bring the console experience to IOS and Android devices. And although it also received a port to Microsoft Windows, the game’s server was eventually shut down in 2020.

But in its 5 years of active life, the game received great chapters that would expand the game to become both one of the longest Final Fantasy games ever. It may no longer be accessible to those looking to play it, but the game tried to do what no other entry in the franchise could, which ultimately deemed it the longest running JRPG for gamers. players of all styles to finally beat.

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