10 Best Nintendo Switch Games To Play Before Bayonetta 3

The long awaited Bayoneta 3 is finally releasing on Nintendo Switch this October 28 (via Screen Rant). In the sequel to Bayonet 2, the titular character isn’t the only playable character in the game as the trailers have revealed a new playable teenage witch named Viola. The trailer also showed that the antagonists of Bayonet 3 are not celestial and infernal forces, but rather man-made biological weapons.

Fans who are thrilled to Bayonet 3 can keep the hype going by checking out some titles that may be related or have similar mechanics to the highly anticipated game.


9 Bayonet

The game that launched the iconic game series, the first Bayonet title was considered by many to be the spiritual successor to the the devil may cry games due to its sleek and dynamic combos, as well as its hack-and-slash gameplay. Through the titular character, players can take down enemies with melee attacks, magic skills, and blazing bullets.

The game features the eponymous witch who has an arsenal of guns and can summon demons using her hair. Bayonet received praise for its sleek gameplay, thrilling combat, impeccable soundtrack, and humor.

8 Bayonet 2

fans of the Bayonet the series should make it a point to play the second entry in the series before Bayonet 3 spell. Bayonet 2 has the same action fighting style that players loved with its predecessor, but this time the player can activate a new item called Umbran Climax, which makes Bayonetta’s combos and attacks more powerful.

Bayonet 2 was better received than its predecessor due to its redeemable value, flawless combat design, and gripping narrative, which also makes it one of the most addictive games on the Nintendo Switch.

seven Astral Chain

Astral Chain was developed by PlatinumGames, which is the same developer of the Bayonet series. Similar to Bayonet, Astral Chain is also a hack-and-slash game where players must investigate cases and incidents that occur on an artificial island.

Players can choose between ranged and melee weapons to destroy enemies called the Chimeras, which are a race of malevolent invaders. Astral Chain sleek visuals, remarkable world-building, and tight combat make this one of PlatinumGames’ most memorable releases. However, the game received some light criticism for its silent protagonist, which didn’t really make sense due to the game’s extensive story.

6 underworld

underworld is an award-winning indie game that has managed to capture the hearts of gamers around the world with its roguelike hack-and-slash mechanics. The game focuses on Zagreus, who is the son of Hades and the prince of the underworld. In order to uncover secrets about his biological mother, Zagreus must fight his way through the different areas of the underworld and reach the surface.

In addition to fighting monsters, gaining boons, and upgrading infernal weapons, players can do a lot of things in underworld like romancing NPCs and unlocking hidden dialogue. With its sprawling narrative and grand artistic design, underworld can keep players busy while they wait Bayonets 3.

5 Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a fighting game featuring some of the gaming world’s most beloved characters. Recent additions to the game are Sora du Kingdom Hearts franchise and Steve from Minecraft. Bayonetta also makes an appearance in the game as a playable character and is the second personality from a Sega-published game after Sonic.

The game of Super Smash Bros Ultimate is extremely fast. In the game, up to eight players must try to get out of an arena. The game is extremely easy to get into with its user-friendly controls, but players can fare better if they learn how to use items and perform well-timed moves.

4 dark souls

There aren’t many soulslike games on the Nintendo Switch as these titles tend to be chunky when it comes to their storytelling, graphics, and combat, which forces them to require more powerful consoles. However, FromSoftware’s 2011 game dark souls was successfully ported to the Nintendo Switch, allowing players on the platform to experience the brutal gameplay of soulslike games.

Players take on the role of an undead in-game character who must explore the mysterious kingdom of Lordran. Nintendo Switch players who plan to pick up dark souls should remember that the game is extremely unforgiving, but the overall experience is simply breathtaking.

3 Rise of the Monster Hunter

The most recent main entrance in the monster hunter the deductible is that of 2021 Rise of the Monster Hunter. The game uses the same mechanics as its predecessors, where they are tasked with killing or capturing dangerous and terrifying creatures using various weapons and tools. Rise of the Monster Hunter introduces a new combat mechanic called Wirebugs, which allows players to leap into the air, perform dynamic moves and attacks, and even mount creatures.

The game also has a DLC called Sunbreak, which introduces new monsters such as the Lunagron, Malzeno, and Pyre Rakna-Kadaki. Although it is difficult to master the game, Rise of the Monster Hunter provides a solid and exciting gaming experience for players on the Nintendo Switch.

2 Persona 5 Strikers

Persona 5 Strikers sees two beloved franchises come together. Crossplay features elements of Dynasty Warriors series and Character franchise. In the game, players assume the role of Joker, who is a high school student who can control various powerful Personas.

The spin-off game received positive reviews thanks to its smooth, real-time, action-based combat. Moreover, the game is also very forgiving, even if it is extremely fast. This allows players unfamiliar with the series and genre to easily enter the game. However, Persona 5 Strikers involves intense grinding, which may prevent players from completing the game quickly.

1 Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

The story of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity takes place around 100 years before the events of Nintendo’s beloved open-world game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In the game, Princess Zelda and Link are tasked with stopping Calamity Ganon’s minions from successfully reviving the primeval evil and destroying the kingdom in the process.

The game is paced faster than other games under The Legend of Zelda franchise as it features Koei Tecmo’s hack-and-slash mechanics Dynasty Warriors series. Gamers looking for challenging boss battles and hundreds of hours of gameplay The Legend of Zelda content should resume Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.

Corporate Devil May of the thrilling style of gameplay where players are tasked with performing combo attacks to defeat enemies, Bayonetta and Devil May Cry are also similar in the sense that both games have an exciting storyline and captivating storylines that don’t take away not much and even outweigh its gameplay. In Devil May Cry, players assume the role of Dante, who is a supernatural detective who takes it upon himself to protect humanity.

Dante can tap into the demonic state to defeat enemies with ease. Besides its hack-and-slash combat, the devil may cry also has fun puzzle-solving and exploration elements that make it a dynamic action game.

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