10 Best Games Like Disney Dreamlight Valley

The first reactions to the beta of Disney Valley of Dreams already got off to a good start. A life simulator like no other, fans can do fun activities with Goofy, help bring Anna and Elsa together on a magical journey, and rebuild the town so everyone’s favorite characters live with them.

For those who enjoy the early access title, you can check out more magical Disney games that feature a mix of classic characters with fun gameplay. And along with other charming life simulators, they might also be worth pursuing for those looking for more of the same fun experience.


ten Collection of classic Disney games

Following the success of The Disney Afternoon Collection which included several retro games based on the 1990s Disney animated series, it was followed by the Collection of classic Disney games. On a disc or cartridge, gamers can be transported back to the 16-bit era and play the different versions of The Lion King, Aladdinand The jungle Book games that were made for the systems at the time.

RELATED: 10 Best Disney Games For Kids, RankedThe games are totally separate, so players won’t be able to control Simba on the magic carpet through the Indian jungles, but they were nonetheless classics in their own right that many still have fond memories of today. And those looking to discover or rediscover other Disney games for current consoles need look no further than this must-have platform experience.

9 Stardew Valley

Easily one of the biggest and most celebrated indie titles of all time, Stardew Valley was inspired by games like harvest moon and built on the formula that many still come back to experience today. And this virtual farming game was built by one man, Eric Barone.

With farming, mining and cooking playing a significant role in Disney Valley of Dreamsfans might be pleasantly surprised by what this game has to offer, as players can easily get lost for hours with these familiar mechanics and other features that most gamers haven’t discovered yet. Stardew Valley also uses online multiplayer so everyone can farm with their friends, which hopefully will be implemented in the future for Disney’s latest game.

8 Lego The Incredibles

This Lego title gives fans the chance to embody Pixar’s family of superheroes through missions inspired by both films. Taking control of their unique powers, some reviewers liked the game for what it initially offered, though it might not be the best title involving the minifigures.

RELATED: The 7 Best (& 7 Worst) LEGO Video Games, Ranked By MetacriticBut while playing super-powered characters is fun, fans of the game will also be rewarded with unlockable characters from other Pixar movies to play. This combination of iconic characters from the acclaimed studio could easily entice fans of the new life sim to give it a try.

seven story of the seasons

No matter what console players have, chances are they can choose one of the entries in the story of the seasons Games. This role-playing farming simulator will allow players to control a character who must rebuild an old successful farm while being able to make new friends and build potential relationships in the nearby town.

With this friendship system and farming gameplay, fans who enjoy beta play should definitely consider giving this game a chance. And with its charming visuals and cute character designs, it’s appealing to gamers of all ages. .

6 epic mickey

Considered by some to be not only one of the best video games featuring Mickey Mouse, but one of the best platform games on the Wii. epic mickey took the mouse on a journey to save the forgotten and obscure characters of Wasteland using a magic paintbrush.

RELATED: 10 Best Mickey Mouse Games, According To RankerThis platformer may not initially seem like something fans Disney Valley of Dreams might enjoy, but its focus on rescuing characters and defeating corrupted items and monsters isn’t far off from some of the goals of the latest Disney game.

5 Minecraft

It doesn’t matter if you’re a gamer or not, chances are they’ll hear about Minecraft. Being available for a wide variety of consoles and systems, many people can jump into this blocky world to mine materials, craft useful items and decorations, and build whatever they desire.

Like many other similar games, no two game thoughts will ever be the same, offering plenty of variety and fun discoveries. These easy-to-learn mechanics and creative options make it a worthy choice for fans of Disney Valley of Dreams.

4 Disney Magical World 2: Enchanted Edition

It may not be one of the Nintendo 3DS games that everyone has played or should have played, but Disney Wizarding World 2 had its fans and received a surprise updated version and released on the Nintendo Switch last year. After creating the playable avatar with the console’s Mii, they can help several Disney characters by building a decorative object or participating in one of the fun activities in the game.

It might not be the most difficult Disney game, but for casual gamers and young kids, this might be the game for them if they find Disney Valley of Dreams a bit too complicated to get started. And since it shares similar customization options and gameplay mechanics, it also serves as a good introduction for young fans before they embark on Disney Magic’s beta.

3 My Sims

Almost everyone has heard of The Sims, the famous life simulation game franchise that some still enjoy today. But those who owned the Wii may have heard of My Simsone of the spin-off games aimed at younger players and featuring chibi-inspired character designs that spawned their own series.

This accessible entry in the genre is the perfect game for anyone looking to get into these types of games as it was accessible to anyone with the Wii Remote to move objects around and structure their dream homes. It may not have featured complicated stories or in-depth gameplay elements, but it sparked kids’ interest in life simulations in a way that few games had in 2007.

2 Disney Infinity Gold Collection

During the rise in popularity of Toys To Life games, disney infinity was a major contender with each game featuring new characters from the worlds of Disney, Pixar, Marvel and star wars with toy-like visuals that some players enjoyed. By mixing level creation and gameplay genres, players could see their favorite toys running, battling and platforming between magical and creative landscapes.

And with this amount of customization and plenty of crossover characters, this ambitious series is well worth seeking out for those with a Steam account looking for more Disney-inspired building and adventures. Although the games can be played on some consoles, the Disney Infinity Gold Collection is also not exclusive to the PC storefront, but puts all the games in one package with unlocked playsets and characters from the start.

1 Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Since its debut on Game Cube, animal crossing developed a dedicated fan base that saw a new entry available for each previous Nintendo console. But when Animal Crossing: New Horizons was made available for the Nintendo Switch in 2020, the popularity of the series exploded and it became one of the most played games for many.

It may come as no surprise, but this game is considered by many to be the pinnacle of life simulation gaming and accessible to Nintendo fans young and old. And being able to terraform the island and invite any civilian animal to stay makes it a must play for those who enjoyed Disney Valley of Dreams.

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